The Venus Factor – A New Weight Loss Diet For Women

The Venus Factor – A New Weight Loss Diet For Women

It is no news that the body systems of men and women are different, and as expected, the weight loss procedure or plans for the two genders are different.

Even as science has been able to link weight loss to the Leptin hormone found in both sexes, the way the hormone works in the body is different depending on the gender of the individual.

The Leptin hormone is attributed to aiding weight loss as studies have found out that it enhances metabolism in the body and sends signals to the body to burn fat. This, therefore, means that the higher the level of hormone Leptin in the body, the more fat you tend to burn.

The good news about leptin hormone as it concerns women is that the feminine folks have twice as much leptin in their body, compared with the opposite sex.

The bad news, however, is that women have been found to respond to the hormone three times less than what is obtainable in men.

The Venus Factor program has been designed to take advantage of the “good news” to tackle the “bad news” and help women get the figure and body they have always wanted.

The good news of possibly having double the level of leptin in the body makes it possible to burn more fats compared to men. This, however, requires an efficient use of the good news as described in the Venus Factor.

The Venus Factor is a weight loss diet program specially designed for women, compromising of exercise program and diet plan for effective weight loss. The Venus Factor Diet Plan is a comprehensive package containing custom nutritional software specially designed to fit each subscriber’s circumstance.

A nutritional manual that provides healthy meal plans and tips on how to deal with artificial sweeteners, alcohol, and the different classes of food to achieve the desired weight loss goals, also comes with the nutritional software.

The workout program designed to run for twelve weeks is the third piece of the total package. The workout routines are designed to help women lose weight easily and effectively, containing 143 lessons that teach women how to exercise and lose weight.

The Immersion is usually described as the ultimate as it is a community of women from across the globe, serving as motivation to one another and keeping the dream of living a healthy lifestyle alive as they share their experiences with one another.


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